Join our TRIBE Mission
We Teach Resilience, Increase Balance, & Endurance

TRIBE is dedicated to bring the tools of yoga to the military community, specifically for active duty and their families.

We understand the challenges and sacrifices each individual faces in order to serve.

Our purpose is to improve the soldiers retainability; physically, mentally for the individual and systemically for the collective community.


Physical Training
 We can lead standard 60 minute physical training (“PT”) sessions. Our physical postures integrate nearly all of the qualitative performance standards listed in the Army Physical Training Regulation Manual, to include balance, coordination, flexibility, posture, and stability.  These postures are excellent at building strength in the core, upper body and lower body while improving joint mobility. Additionally, they are excellent for physical recovery. All postures are integrated with breathing, mental focus, and encouraging gratitude.  
We offer longer training sessions
 (2-3 hours) to meet needs specific to the military community. These workshops can be crafted to your audience. Topics may include:
  • Yoga for Athletes
  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic Rest)
  • Yoga for Low Back Pain
TRIBE Training
Want to lead TRIBE classes in your community? Join our weekend training! Our mission is to empower military leaders and community members who want to support active duty military members to bring the mental and physical tools of yoga to active duty personnel in an approachable way. You will learn how to incorporate physical postures into your physical training program as well as how the mental and emotional tools of yoga can be part of a military lifestyle.